Stop Hitting Snooze

On July 23, 2012 by Jennifer Matt

Wake up, snooze is no longer an option. You need to transition your business online and get engaged with the digital economy. Take one step at a time, but start now.

We’ve all been there, you set the alarm for 5am because you are going to exercise, read, research, clean out the files, etc… before the work day starts. Instead you manage to hit the snooze button 24 times and get up at your regular time. Each time I hit the snooze button, I think this is going to be the best 9 minutes of the day!

How many printers out there are hitting the snooze button on transforming their business to compete online and in the digital economy?

How many of you have hit the snooze button for years now?

Its time to reset the alarm, snoozing is no longer an option. I’ve never been a big fan of motivation by fear but there are plenty of things to be afraid of if you haven’t started moving your business online and creating a deeper engagement in the digital economy.



Move one step at a time.

Buying technology is not the first step (sorry software guys), answer these four questions before you talk to any vendors.

  1. Who are you targeting online? (exact customers)
  2. What are you trying to sell them (specific products)
  3. How are you going to drive traffic to your site (marketing plan – you need one for both B2B and B2C)
  4. What is your preference for technology partnerships (license/buy or subscribe/lease)?

You need a plan, you need your people, you need to commit – - – then and only then do you need technology.



2 Responses to “Stop Hitting Snooze”

  1. Kevin Trye says:

    The topic title is spot on. The winds of change to a online world have been blowing for well over a decade. I recall numerous talks by Dr Joe Webb predicting the future and providing a roadmap the industry needed to survive. As you say, it needs a good plan, good people and most importantly, commitment. The technology is the easy bit these days.

    We help a major printing company put in a web-to-print system in 2003. But it was only due to the commitment of one print company middle manager, that it happened at all who battled the forces within. It was an incredible success that turned a profit within months. Unfortunately very few systems followed.

    Newspapers have similar issues with change and innovation. Hitting that snooze button became the norm. People are a problem.

  2. Scott Stano says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Great post and you’re right on target. What is your sense of what % of printing companies (SMB) are both online with a strong, productive website and those that have stepped up to eCommerce options? Cheers.

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