Want to Improve Your Sales? Sell Only Relevant Benefits

On July 25, 2011 by Jennifer Matt

Sales is not about mindlessly listing features and benefits. No benefit matters unless its RELEVANT to the customer or prospect you’re talking to. How do you know if specific benefits meet the needs of the customer? You have to talk less and listen more.


Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Online Ordering

On July 19, 2011 by Jennifer Matt

Its time to embrace the inevitable. Commerce is moving online whether you’re comfortable with it or not. Get comfortable. Get moving. Waiting for your customers to ask is playing defense and putting you at risk of being replaced by a more forward thinking competitor.


Think Manufacturing is THE Differentiator? Think Again.

On July 11, 2011 by Jennifer Matt

Our collective challenge as an industry is to take our focus off manufacturing. Yes, look upstream to your customers and downstream to the message you’re presenting to the market about who you are.


Anything as a Service

On July 6, 2011 by Jennifer Matt

The manner in which products and services are brought to market greatly impacts their reach. Costs and complexity limit market penetration. Democratization erodes cost and complexity – opening up access to greater and greater numbers. Technology is on the backside of its democratization curve, the democratization of content has just begun!


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